Jolt True Wireless Earbuds: A Review of the Best Budget-Friendly Earbuds in 2023

Wireless earbuds are one of the most popular gadgets in 2023. They offer convenience, comfort, and quality sound without the hassle of wires. However, not all wireless earbuds are created equal. Some are too expensive, some have poor battery life, and some have unreliable connectivity.

Plum Grove recently introduced the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds as one of their latest offerings and boasted they were the best affordable wireless earbuds on the market, so I decided to conduct tests and evaluations of them against similar products in their price range and see if they lived up to our expectations.

Here is a review of the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds, a new product from Plum Grove that claims to be the best budget-friendly wireless earbuds in 2023. Find out their features, pros and cons, FAQs, and why you should buy them.

Jolt True Wireless Earbuds Specifications

Included with this device is an elegant yet compact power bank case capable of charging the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds up to four times and providing up to 16 hours of gameplay. Furthermore, this case comes equipped with a USB connector for charging other gadgets such as phones or tablets.

The earbuds themselves feature a simple design that fits securely and comfortably in your ears, and with just one tap you can use their touch controls to play, pause, skip music, change volume levels and take calls. Furthermore, their two microphones provide crystal-clear audio during calls or spoken commands.

These Bluetooth 4.1 earphones use fast and reliable connection technology to pair easily and quickly to your device, with up to 33-foot wireless range for seamless roaming without losing connectivity. Compatible with most gadgets and applications as they support A2DP/HFP/HSP/AVRCP Bluetooth profiles for maximum compatibility.

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These IPX4 sweat- and water-resistance earbuds can withstand splashes and sweat without becoming damaged – ideal for everyday use, outdoor activities and workouts!

Jolt True Wireless Earbuds: Pros and Cons

Competitive PricingNo Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
Extended Battery LifeNo App Support
Exceptional sound qualityNo wireless charging
Easy to use

Here are the advantages and disadvantages we noticed after testing the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds for one week:


➡️ Competitive Pricing:

Plum Grove offers their Jolt True Wireless Earbuds for just $29.99 – significantly less than competing wireless earbuds like Skullcandy Jib True Wireless Earbuds which cost $59.993 and JBL C115 True Wireless Earbuds which sell for $49.992.

➡️ Extended Battery Life:

When combined with their respective power bank case, Jolt True Wireless Earbuds offer up a 16-hour battery life – more than enough for travel or everyday use. An LED indicator on the case displays both batteries as well.

➡️ Exceptional sound quality:

The Jolt True Wireless Earbuds offer exceptional audio with distinct highs, mids and lows; as well as a respectable bass response that gives music some punch. Furthermore, most background noise is eliminated using these earbuds, further improving listening experience.

➡️ Easy to use:

Setting up and using the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds couldn’t be simpler: when removed from their case they automatically turn on and connect; upon returning them they switch off and disconnect automatically – giving you convenient control of music and phone calls thanks to responsive touch controls.


➡️ No Active Noise Cancellation (ANC):

Given their lack of an ANC feature, the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds cannot block out loud or persistent disturbances in your environment – an issue when using them in noisy places like airplanes, trains or busy streets.

➡️ No App Support:

Unfortunately, you’re unable to adjust any of the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds’ settings or functions via an app, including changing touch controls, equalizer or firmware settings – this can limit your options and preferences when using them.

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➡️ No wireless charging:

As these earbuds cannot be wirelessly charged, a cable must be used to do so. This could present problems when trying to charge them without plugging them in or have access to an electrical outlet; charging via wireless means might be better in these instances.

FAQs about Jolt True Wireless Earbuds:

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Jolt True Wireless Earbuds:

How can I connect my device with the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds?

Please follow these steps to pair your device with the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds:

1. Take out both earphones from their cases and wait for the pairing mode to activate before using them. A voice prompt will announce “Pairing”, while blue lights flash intermittently on each earpiece.

2. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth feature, then search for “Jolt True Wireless Earbuds” among compatible devices.

3. Select “Jolt True Wireless Earbuds” and complete pairing. A voice cue will indicate when both earbuds have connected successfully, with both emitting a solid blue glow upon completion of this step.

How can I use the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds’ touch controls?

In order to use the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds’ touch controls, do as follows.

➡️ To start or stop music, tap either earbud once.
➡️ To switch tracks, double tap on the right earbud.
➡️ Tap your left earbud twice to return to the previous track.
➡️ Touch and hold on either earbud to adjust its volume; your choice will determine whether the loudness increases or decreases.
➡️ Simply tap either earbud once to answer or end a call.
➡️ Tap and hold either earpiece for two seconds to dismiss an incoming call.
➡️ To activate voice assistance, tap either earbud three times.

How can I charge both my power bank case and the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds simultaneously?

Please follow these instructions to charge both your power bank case and Jolt True Wireless Earbuds:
1. Install your earbuds into their case, close its cover, and turn on auto charging – an LED indicator on its casing will show which battery level they have reached.
2. Connect the power bank case to any power source using the USB cable included and check battery levels using its LED indicator.
3. Once fully charged, the LED indicator on both earbuds and case will turn off automatically.

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Why should I purchase Jolt True Wireless Earbuds?

Consider investing in the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds if you’re in search of reasonably-priced, reliable wireless earbuds with multiple features that make them worthwhile investments, including:

📌 Long battery life: The power bank case offers up to 16 hours of gameplay, making it more than adequate for most users. Plus, using it to charge other devices makes life much simpler!

📌 Clear and balanced sound: Enjoy high-quality audio from music, podcasts, or audiobooks on any of your devices with crystal-clear sound quality from dual microphones that enable call making/receiving with crystal clear audio quality.

📌 User-friendly design: Their user-friendly design makes these earbuds easy to pair and operate, while the touch controls allow you to manage both calls and music playback.

📌 Sweat and water-resistant: With their IPX4 sweat- and water-resistance rating, these earbuds can withstand sweaty environments without fear of damage to themselves or any damage occurring due to splashes or sweat.


Anyone seeking wireless freedom without breaking the bank should consider choosing Jolt True Wireless Earbuds. Their price point stands out due to a unique set of features and benefits such as sweat and water resistance, touch controls for easy usage, long battery life, great sound quality and an attractive power bank case.

Plum Grove offers Jolt True Wireless Earbuds for just $29.99 on their website. Additionally, take a look at their additional goods and services such as marketing initiatives, printing services and promotional merchandise for additional savings.

I hope that this review was informative and beneficial to you, so please reach out if you have any inquiries or feedback about the Jolt True Wireless Earbuds or this post – I would love to hear from you! I welcome comments below or get in touch directly. I welcome hearing from our audience members – don’t be shy, let’s keep this conversation rolling!

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