JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds Manual: How to Use and Troubleshoot Your Earbuds

JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds are a great option for wireless music lovers. But how do you use and troubleshoot them? Read our manual to find out.


JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds are compact and affordable wireless earbuds that offer great sound quality, sleek design, comfortable fit and long battery life. Furthermore, these earbuds boast some basic features like Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, water resistance, touch controls and voice assistant.

However, like any wireless device, they may occasionally experience issues or need some adjustments that require troubleshooting or resetting. We offer here an in-depth guide on how to use and troubleshoot JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds.

Likewise for their predecessor, JLab Air True Wireless Earbuds may have different protocols which must be set before use, depending on which set you decide to purchase. In this article we offer tips and techniques on using and troubleshooting these earbuds properly.

JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

How To Pair JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

Before using your JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds, they must first be paired with your device. To do so, follow these steps: 

Make sure both earbuds and device are fully charged.  Remove both from their charging cases and wait for them to turn on automatically.

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To activate Bluetooth on your device, search for “JLab GO Air” among available devices list and confirm pairing by pressing pair button on earbuds; once completed you should hear voice prompt stating “Connected.”  Enjoy wireless music!

How To Use Touch Controls on JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

To use the touch controls on your JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds, follow these instructions:

Single Tap Function

  • To play/pause music or answer/reject calls, tap once on either earbud.

Double Tap Function

  • To adjust volume levels, either tap twice on either left earbud to decrease it or on right one to increase.

Activate Voice Assistant

  • To activate the voice assistant, tap and hold either earbud for two seconds. To switch between three EQ modes (JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost), tap three times on either earbud three times each time until you hear a voice prompt indicating which mode you have currently selected.

How to Charge JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

Follow these steps to charge the JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds and their charging case: 

Make sure the earbuds are turned off and placed inside their charging case properly.

Connect a USB-C cable from their back charging port onto a power source, before connecting to a USB charger port on the case itself and plugging in its USB plug for charging purposes

When charging, the LED indicators on the case flash red while charging, they turn solid blue once full charged. The earbuds also flash red during charging but then become solid blue once fully charged.

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Troubleshooting JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds

If your JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds experience any issues such as connection failure, sound distortion, low volume levels or becoming disconnected from each other, troubleshooting or resetting may be required to fix them. Here are a few possible solutions that may assist:

Make sure your earbuds and device are both fully charged, within a range of 10 meters, with no obstructions such as walls, metal objects, or other Bluetooth devices between them. Lastly, ensure there are no barriers or interferences such as walls separating them – such as walls separating their paths of communication from one another interfering.

Please ensure “JLab GO Air” has been selected as the audio output on your device. Update the device’s software and Bluetooth driver to the most up-to-date versions, clean your earbuds and charging contacts with a soft cloth or cotton swab and test again.

To reconnect your JLab GO Air True Wireless Earbuds, remove them from your Bluetooth settings and pair them again using these steps. If none of these solutions work, manually reset them using these instructions:

Keep the earbuds in their charging case and forget “JLab GO Air” from your Bluetooth device settings. To quickly pair earbuds in the charging case: 7 taps on either earbud in turn will cause it to blink blue 4 times, followed by 7 more on either one in the opposite charge case earbud (one should blink 4 times on its own)  Once connected to charging case: press 7 times on either earbud (both will do)

 Take out both earbuds from their charging case, wait for them to turn on automatically, and follow these steps again to pair them back with your device.

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JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds are an ideal option for anyone seeking wireless music without breaking the bank. Boasting decent sound quality, sleek design, comfortable fit and long battery life; as well as some essential features such as Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, water resistance resistance touch controls and voice assistant functionality, they deliver great value.

However, they also come with certain drawbacks that should make you consider whether to purchase them.

These drawbacks include no advanced features like ambient sound mode or noise cancellation (ANC), not as loud or bassy audio as premium earbuds.

Plus, you can’t expect that JLab Go Air true wireless earbuds will last very long or resist scratching well.

Another great concern is that they don’t offer warranty or customer service support.

So we recommend these earbuds for casual listeners looking to try wireless earbuds without spending too much money, while premium features and performance should look elsewhere.

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