How to Use Billboard True Wireless Earbuds: A Complete Guide

Learn how to use Billboard True Wireless Earbuds with this complete guide that summarizes their user manual and answers some FAQs about these earbuds.

The Billboard True Wireless Earbuds could be worth taking a closer look if you’re searching for reliable and reasonably priced wireless earbuds. Crafted to deliver outstanding sound quality with secure fit and easy operation in mind. Furthermore, their mini-user manual explains exactly how you should operate them as well as troubleshoot any potential problems.

I have provided you with a brief summary of the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds handbook in this article and answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding them. I’ve also discuss their benefits and drawbacks as well as why you should purchase them.

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds: An overview

Billboard True Wireless earphones are wireless earphones that can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, laptop and any other Bluetooth-enabled device can connect with – wireless Bluetooth earphones designed ergonomically to fit snugly in your ears and block out outside noises. Furthermore, they contain an integrated microphone which enables voice control, call answering and track skipping with just one touch.

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds – Charging case

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds’ charging case provides for up to four recharges, giving up to four hours of continuous gameplay or 100 hours of standby time on one charge. A battery indicator on the charging case lets you know when their power has run low.

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Billboard True Wireless Earbuds support Bluetooth 5.0 technology and most Bluetooth devices, providing instantaneous pairing when removed from their case – up to 10 metres 33 feet away wireless range can be achieved when coupled.

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds: How Do They Function?

The Billboard True Wireless earphones manual provides comprehensive usage guidelines. Below are a few key actions you must take:

Charging Earbuds and Case:

Before using them for the first time, both components must be fully charged. Place the earphones inside their case and close its lid to start charging them; use the included cable to connect your case to a USB power source; the LED lights on its casing will indicate whether your case has reached full charge status.

Connecting Your Earbuds To A Device:

To pair the earbuds with your device, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and locate “BB275” amongst the list of connected devices. Select it before accepting pairing requests – when your voice prompts are audible on both earbuds the voice prompt “Connected” will also play and the LED lights on either will gradually blink blue to indicate success!

👉 Using Touch Controls:

Each pair of the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds features a touch-sensitive button which you can use to manage various features. Use any one of the following touch commands to use these controls:

To play or pause music or videos

➡️ Tap any earbud once.

To answer/end an incoming call

➡️ Tap either earbud once to answer or end it.

To decline an incoming call

➡️ Press and hold either earbud for two seconds before pressing either “Reject” button.

Voice Control:

➡️ To activate Siri or Google Assistance on your device, press and hold either earpiece for two seconds when not engaged in a call.

To move onto the next track

➡️ Double-tap the right earbud.

To return to a previous track

➡️ Double-tap the left earbud.

To increase the volume

➡️ Hold and tap on the right earbud for one second before releasing.

To reduce volume

➡️ Press and hold down on the left earbud for one second to lower it.

Common problems with Billboard True Wireless Earbuds & their solutions

If your Billboard True Wireless Earbuds have any issues such as poor sound quality, unstable connections or low batteries, try one or more of the following solutions to resolve them:

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Resetting Earbuds

To reset the earbuds, place them back in their case with its lid closed and seal it tightly to reset them. When red light flashing appears on both earphones, press and hold both buttons on the case for five seconds to set them into pairing mode automatically. Finally, lift the lid to remove them – they should automatically go into pairing mode automatically!

Clearing Your Pairing List

To clear the pairing list, place both earbuds in their case with lid closed and close lid tightly to clear pairing list. Once blue light flashes on both earphones press and hold both buttons for 10 seconds on cover before lifting lid and taking out both earphones for use; they’ll go into pairing mode automatically!

Cleaning Your Earphones

For effective earbud cleaning, carefully wipe each pair and charging contacts using a soft cloth or cotton swab. Avoid any liquid cleaners or harsh abrasive substances when cleansing earphones.

Storing Earbuds

When it’s time to store the earbuds, place them in their case and secure the lid tightly. Before keeping the earbuds charged in its case, ensure it has fully charged itself first and avoid exposing any part of them or its case to high humidity, heat or light conditions.

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds FAQs.

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Billboard True Wireless Earbuds.

How can I tell whether my earbuds have enough charge?

By monitoring the LED lights, it’s easy to gauge how much power remains in both earbuds and cases. Once fully charged, their LED lights will turn off whereas when fully charged for cases, theirs will display four bars.

How can I verify whether or not my device and earbuds are connected?

By closely observing the LED lights and listening for audio prompts, it should be easy for you to tell if your earphones have successfully connected with your device. Once linked, their LED lights should start slowly flashing blue while an audible voice cue stating “Connected” may also be audible from both earbuds.

How can I change the language of voice prompts?

While keeping both earbuds inside their case, press and hold both buttons on the case for three seconds to switch the voice prompt language – “Language Switch” will play through both headphones. English, Spanish, French and German options are all available as options for switching.

What are the benefits of Billboard True Wireless Earbuds?

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds provide many benefits. Here are just a few:
Reasonable Cost:
Billboard True Wireless Earbuds are some of the least costly wireless earbuds on Amazon1, with prices that start under $30 for a pair.

Why purchase true wireless Billboard Earbuds?

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds provide many benefits. Here are just a few:

Reasonable Cost:

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds are some of the least costly wireless earbuds on Amazon1, with prices that start under $30 for a pair.

High-Quality Audio:

The Billboard True Wireless Earbuds produce crisp, clear sound that’s well balanced with deep bass frequencies. They also boast noise cancellation technology which reduces outside noise to further enhance listening quality.

Secure Fit:

The Billboard True Wireless Earbuds feature lightweight and ergonomic designs to comfortably rest in your ears, as well as three silicone ear tips in three sizes to meet individual preferences.

Easy Use:

With touch-sensitive buttons that make for effortless operation, the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds allow for simple control of various features with just a tap or press of your fingertip. Using voice command accessing capabilities of devices without touching them directly.

Long Battery Life:

The Billboard True Wireless Earbuds boast an extended battery life, lasting four hours of nonstop playback and 100 hours in standby. They may be charged four times to extend playback for up to 16 hours total use.


For anyone in search of wireless earbuds that are affordable, reliable and user-friendly may want to consider the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds. Their long battery life, high-quality sound quality and comfortable fit make these ideal for watching videos, making calls or listening to music.

This guide should have made clear what Billboard True Wireless Earbuds are and how you can use them effectively for you. Please feel free to share any thoughts or leave questions/comments in the section below.

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