How to Reset Jib True Wireless Earbuds: A Simple Guide

Learn how to reset Jib True Wireless Earbuds in a few simple steps and why you should buy these affordable, bass-heavy, and water-resistant earbuds.

Skullcandy Jib True Wireless Earbud owners may encounter issues with pairing, connectivity or sound quality when using them – don’t fret though: simply resetting them will quickly resolve any problems with them by clearing their pairing list and returning them to their factory defaults; pairing will resume and you can resume listening to music!

In this article, I’ll guide you through resetting Jib True Wireless Earbuds quickly and effortlessly. Additionally, I will address any of your most pressing concerns and explain why it makes sense to invest in these earphones.

Skullcandy Jib True Wireless Earbuds: An Introduction

Jib True Wireless Earbuds are reasonably-priced wireless earphones from Skullcandy that offer sturdy construction, bass-heavy yet balanced audio reproduction, excellent passive noise isolation properties and an integrated microphone which enables voice control, call answering and track skipping capabilities at one touch.

Jib True Wireless Earbuds Charging

Jib True Wireless Earbuds can be recharged up to four times and come equipped with a charging case, offering up to six hours of nonstop use and 22 when used with their companion charging case2. Furthermore, one LED light on both units serves as a battery level indicator to keep both units fully charged at any given time.

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Jib True Wireless Earbuds – Connectivity

Jib True Wireless Earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and work with most Bluetooth devices. Once out of their case, they connect instantly with most Bluetooth devices with up to 10 metres (33 feet).

Jib True Wireless Earbuds feature an IPX4 rating for water resistance, making them suitable for use against splashes from all directions3. They come equipped with three sizes of silicone ear tips so you can choose one based on your preferences.

How Can I Reset Jib True Wireless Earbuds

For complete instructions on how to reset these earphones, referring to the Jib True Wireless manual is advised. Below are key actions which need to be completed when performing a reset:

Step 1

Locate “Jib True” from your list of devices associated with your device and navigate to Bluetooth settings on it to delete. When finished, disable Bluetooth.

Step 2

Take out the earbuds from their case – they should activate when spoken into by voice prompt.

Step 3

Pressing both earbuds twice and holding them there for two seconds, until both emit the voice cue “Reset”. Furthermore, both earphones will display red and blue flashing LED lights as an indication that their reset has taken effect.

Step 4

eseat both earbuds inside their case before closing its lid. At this point, its LED light should briefly flash white before dissipating altogether.

Step 5

Open the lid and taking out both earbuds. As they sync together, their LED lights will briefly flash blue while they sync; once complete, both earbuds will display “Pairing.” Only the left earbud will alternately flash red and blue flashes during pairing.

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Step 6

Once Bluetooth is turned on on your device, search for “Jib True” amongst available Bluetooth devices and select it – when successful you should hear an audible “Connected” prompt in both earbuds! Congratulations – your Jib True Wireless Earbuds have now been successfully reset!

Common Touch Controls

To increase volume

Simply tap right earbud once. For decreased volume use the left earbud instead. And to skip tracks double tap right earbud.

To return to the previous track

Tap twice on the left earbud.

Why Should You Purchase Jib True Wireless Earbuds?

Jib True Wireless Earphones provide many advantages; here are just a few examples:

Reasonable Cost

Jib True Wireless Earbuds are among the least costly wireless earbuds on Amazon; you can purchase them for under $30!

Outstanding sound output

Jib True Wireless Earbuds offer an outstanding sound profile that encompasses various musical genres and tastes. Furthermore, these headphones provide passive noise isolation to help muffle some background sounds.

Water resistant

Jib True Wireless Earbuds are water resistant with an IPX4 rating – meaning they can withstand water splashes from all directions. As such, these headphones are great for exercising or other outdoor activities.

Touch-sensitive buttons

Jib True Wireless Earbuds feature touch-sensitive buttons that make controlling various tasks simple, while voice control lets you use these earphones to access their features without touching your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jib True Wireless Earbuds

The following are frequently asked questions and their corresponding responses about these earbuds:

How can I tell if my device and earbuds are connected?

By monitoring the LED lights on earphones and listening to audio instructions, it may be easy to tell whether they’re linked with each other. When linked, their LED lights slowly begin flashing blue. Moreover, both earphones will emit voice cues that indicate connection – both devices will emit the voice prompt “Connected”.

How do I switch between stereo and mono mode?

By using either or both earbuds, you can select between mono and stereo modes. Simply remove either from its case and pair with your device for mono mode if only one needs using; while leaving one of them in its casing and shutting off automatically is another way of choosing mono mode. Or remove both from their casings altogether and pair both simultaneously if using both at once – they’ll immediately sync up!


For anyone in search of reasonably-priced wireless earbuds that are reliable and easy to use, Jib True Wireless Earbuds make an excellent choice. Ideal for watching videos, making calls, and listening to music; their bass-heavy sound quality, water-resistant construction, and long battery life make them the perfect option.

If you want to gain more information about the Jib True Wireless Earbuds, their user manual offers detailed instructions on how to operate and solve any potential issues with them. Furthermore, consumer testimonials offer insight into what people think of these headphones.

I hope that this post has provided clarity regarding how to reset Jib True Wireless Earbuds as well as their advantages. Please leave any queries or comments in the section below.

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