Billboard True Wireless Earbuds Review: Are They Worth It?

The Billboard True Wireless Earbuds are a pair of affordable and reliable wireless earbuds that offer a decent sound quality, a long battery life and a water-resistant design. Read our review to find out more about their features, pros and cons, FAQs and why you should buy them.

If you are looking for a pair of affordable and reliable wireless earbuds, you might have come across the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds. These earbuds are designed to offer a comfortable fit, a decent sound quality and a long battery life. But are they really worth buying?

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In this article, I will review the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds and see how they compare to other similar products on the market.

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds Review

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds – Features

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds features some great features:

Bluetooth 5.0:

To provide reliable and quick connections with devices, these earbuds use the latest Bluetooth technology – within 33 feet range you can pair them with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.


These earphones boast an IPX4 rating, meaning that they are resistant to sweat and water splashes – ideal for exercise and outdoor activities.

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Secure Fit:

These earbuds include three sizes of silicone ear tips to accommodate various ear sizes and shapes, plus they feature a hook design to remain securely in place even while moving.

Touch Controls:

With touch controls built right into earphones, managing voice assistants, calls and music is as easy as tapping one surface of the earphones – you can switch tracks easily, adjust volume levels as needed, answer or reject calls and activate Siri or Google Assistant at will!

Charging Case:

These earbuds come equipped with a compact yet light charging case that allows for four charges and features four LED indicators to indicate battery level, along with a micro USB connector for charging. A single charge may last for four hours while when combined with their case, they can last sixteen.

Billboard True Wireless Earbuds: Pros and Cons

Before purchasing the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds, it is important to carefully evaluate their potential advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few examples:

Reasonable price – With prices at approximately $20, these earphones offer great value when budget is an issue. These could make an excellent option if money is tight.Earbuds offer acceptable sound quality for casual listening, yet are limited in their bass and clarity capabilities compared with what music enthusiasts or audiophiles demand of them.
User-Friendly: These earphones feature intuitive touch controls and easily sync up with devices – meaning no fiddling around with buttons or cords to enjoy music or calls!Poor construction: These earphones feel fragile and cheap, not particularly strong, and could break easily if dropped or handled improperly.
Comfort: These earbuds are light and comfortably fit inside of your ears for extended use without hurting or making you uncomfortable.Connectivity Issues: Sometimes the connectivity problems associated with wireless earbuds cause them to disconnect or stutter, restricting mobility.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Billboard True Wireless Earbuds

Here are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) for these products:

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How can I connect my device to the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds?

Follow these steps to pair the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds with your device:

1. Before unplugging them from their charging case, ensure both earphones have been fully charged

2. Turn on your device’s Bluetooth feature and search for compatible devices.

3. From the list, choose “BB2808” before confirming pairing.

4. A voice prompt stating “Connected” should play back from both earbuds simultaneously.

How can I utilize Billboard True Wireless Earbuds’ touch controls?

To use the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds’ touch controls, follow these steps:

➡️ Touch each earbud once to play/pause music, answer or decline calls, or reject them.

➡️ Tap right earbud twice for changing tracks.

➡️ Tap both left earbuds two times back for returning to previous track.

➡️ Tap the right earbud three times to increase volume; tap and hold left earpiece three times to lower volume; and press both simultaneously for two seconds to launch Siri or Google Assistant.

How are Billboard True Wireless Earbuds recharged?

To charge the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds, follow these steps:
1. Align both charging pins before placing them back into their charging case.
2. Close and connect micro USB wire from charging case directly to power source (e.g. laptop).
3. To indicate whether a device is charging, its LED indicators on the cover will flash red; upon full charging completion, their colors will change to blue.

Why Buy Billboard True Wireless Earbuds?

Anyone seeking affordable, simple-to-use wireless earbuds may consider the Billboard True Wireless Earbuds. Their features include long battery life, decent sound quality and water resistance for durability – plus touch control features making them user friendly; compatible with most Bluetooth devices as well.

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Overall these earphones may make for worthwhile purchase if build quality or sound quality aren’t an issue for you.

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The Billboard True Wireless Earbuds provide several excellent features and functionalities at a reasonable price point for wireless earphones. While not the highest in sound or durability, they work just fine for regular use or casual listening – plus, they’re cozy, water-resistant, and simple to operate! Give these headphones a try if you want affordable wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank!

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